State-of-the-art healthcare facility in the heart of Renton, WA,
conveniently located minutes between Seattle and Tacoma.
The new Fidelis Health Center specializes in the care
of the elderly, disabled and others with special needs.
And to serve the diverse cultures in our community,
interpreters are always on call.
Fidelis Health Center
1412 SW 43rd St., Suite #315
Renton, WA 98057

Directions to the Fidelis Health Center
Fidelis: The Better Way for Patients
At Fidelis we understand the importance of helping patients
maintain their independence. That's why we developed a
healthcare program specially designed for members of a
Medicare Advantage Plan that has contracted with Fidelis.

Our services include a special role for caregivers by making
them valued members of the Care Team.
Changing lives for the better is our reason for being.
Our approach includes a team of medical professionals that provides individualized care. Each Care Team includes a doctor, nurse, social worker and in-home caregiver, working together to deliver the superior level of care patients deserve:
  • Preparing a tailored care plan based on initial and ongoing assessments
  • Monitoring health status to keep little problems from becoming big ones
  • Coordinating care among all providers, including the in-home caregiver
  • Providing customized primary care at our new Fidelis Health Center
  • Making physician services available 24x7, including in-home visits, if necessary
  • Arranging specialty services as needed
For more information about Fidelis,
call 1.800.861.5902
or email us.
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